When I grow up

A poetic and humorous piece  about a jugger searching for himself.

Who am I and who do I want to be?
In a search for answers a juggler finds even more questions and ends up in confusion.
Is he a ball? Is he an opera diva?
“When I grow up” speaks with humour and lightness about dreams, hopes, insecurities and the difficulties of finding oneself.

length: 7:30 min

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“When I grow up”

About me

I am a circus artist and ball juggler, living in Germany. I graduated 2018 from  ÉSAC (école supérieure des arts de cirque) in Brussels and I am working now as a performer and teacher.

Same story in more than two sentences:

I grew up in Germany, in a small town called Würzburg. There I started juggling early, when I was 10 years old next to practicing many sports, like climbing or volleyball. After school I worked one year as a volunteer in a children circus and this changed my life quite a lot: I found out that in circus all the things I like come together: Juggling, moving, jumping, acrobatics, humour. Like a playground for big children.

After I started first studying psychology in Dresden, what still interests me, but I found out: I learn more about myself and how humen work in performing on stage and working as a teacher. So I decided to learn in a circus school and so I did: from 2015 to 2018 in the école superieure des arts du cirque in Brussels, where I specialised in ball juggling.

I was always more interested in juggling and movement, than throwing many balls in the air, so I am continously working to deapen my knowledge of my body, dance and performing and how to integrate it in the juggling. In all my work I use humour to bring lightness in difficult situations. To take one step back, laugh about my personal struggles, doubts and insecurities and go on.

Now I work with my solo act, I teach juggling, movement and theatre in Germany, I work with the “Compagnie Wurst” together with Elias Oechsner and Mikail Karahan on our first show “Bien sûr, pas sûr!” and I played in the children concert “Somnia” in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.